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Furnace Oil Furnace oil is a dark colored fuel, either distilled or residual fraction of crude oil that is extracted while petroleum distillation and is used for the purpose of generation heat and power. This fuel is sticky, thick and glutinous in nature. Furnace oil is known by the name of fuel oil internationally and also as bunker fuel. The fuel oil consists of lengthy chains of hydrogen and carbon mainly alkanes, cycloalkanes and aromatics. Basically furnace oil is termed for relatively heavier commercial extracts from crude oil. Furnace oil is largely an industrial fuel. It acts as a key ingredient in the generation of electricity and heat in a number of production units. It has been used since a long time for such purposes and has gained much importance and inevitable value. In India it is sold under BIS specification under IS 1593-1982, Medium Grade 2. Uses of Furnace Oil:  As fuel for Power Generation in DG Sets As fuel for Boilers/ Furnaces/ Air preheater/ Any other Heaters As fuel for Bunkering As fuel/ Feedstock in Fertilizer Plants As a contribution towards environmental hazard awareness, we supply Furnace Oil with very low sulphur content. Advantages:  Low sulphur fuels will emit lesser quantity of sulphur dioxide and thus cause minimal environmental pollution. Low sulphur fuels will not cause corrosion effect on the equipments used, at low and high temperatures, thus increasing the life expectance of such equipments.
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