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Solvent C9 : Solvent C9 is a general term as each refinery produces its own naphthas with unique initial and final boiling points and other physical and compositional characteristics. Naphthas are produced from materials such as coal tar, shale deposits, tar sands and the destructive distillation of wood. ADVANTAGES : High Aromatics - High Solvency power. Narrow Boiling range and Controlled evaporation and low Residue on Evaporation. Better Flow and Film Formation. APPLICATIONS : Agrochemical or Pesticide formulations, Insecticide formulation, Fungicide formulation. Paint & Coating Industries, Resin Manufacturing Industries, Manufacturing of Chlorination derivatives “SHAIKH PETROLEUM” is one of the reliable names in the Oil & Petroleum Market in Bharuch Dist. Shaikh Petroleum is wholesale & Retail Suppliers of Light Diesel Oil (L.D.O.) & Furnace Oil (F.O) C9 C10 & MTO. For Know More Visit our Business Mentioned Link: Like Our Facebook Page: Follow Us On Instagram : Follow Us On Twitter : Follow Us On LinkedIn : Visit Our Official Website Email Mobile :9898970097
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