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Furnace Oil Specification : Furnace oil in the current marketing range meets Bureau of Indian Standards Specification IS : 1593 – 1982 for fuel oils, grade MV2. IS 1592-1982 Requirements for furnace Oils (Fuel Oil) (Clause 3.3) No. Characteristic Requirement for Grade MV2 Method Of Test 1. Acidity, Inorganic Nil P : 2 2. Ash % by Mass (Max) 0.1 P : 4 (Method A) 3. Gross, Calorific Value Not limited, but to be reported P : 6 (for ref.) and P : (for routine) 4. Relative density at 15/15oC Not limited, but to be reported 5. Flash point, Pensky martens (closed)(Min) 66oC P:21 6. Kinematic viscosity in centistokes at 50oC, Max 180 P:25 7. Sediment, percent by mass (Max) 0.25 P:30 8. Sulphur, total, percent by mass (Max) 4.0 P : 33 (for ref.) and P : 35 (for routine) 9. Water content, percent by volume (Max) 1.0 P:40 For Know More About Furnace Read Below Texts : Shaikh Petroleum is wholesale & Retail Suppliers of Light Diesel Oil (L.D.O.) & Furnace Oil (F.O) C9 C10 & MTO. For Know More Please Vist our Bussiness Mentioned Link: Email Mobile :9898970097, 9879000006